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favorite personality traits of steve rogers:

  • don’t tell me what to do
  • fuck your rules
  • no seriously, your rules are pointless and i’m ignoring them
  • fuck your bullshit
  • double dog dare me
  • lets fucking jump off this building!!!!!
  • i’m annoyed at everything you choose to be but recognize you need help and love 
  • ~*sarcastic compliment*~
  • ~*barely concealed dry insult*~
  • the best tactical mind in the universe, lets plan this shit
  • i love my country that’s why i’m forever critical of it and mindful of the past and concerned for the future
  • loyalty and love above reason

steve rogers personality traits in fandom:

  • what does a microwave do idgi
  • gay people lol amirite
  • sure i’ll do whatever you say
  • math??????????????? science??????????
  • no, i would not like to participate in shenanigans
  • america fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if we assume Steve doesn’t know about gay people when he wakes up, I like to imagine the first time he hears someone say something nasty about gay people, he just yells “Sir, they can be as happy as they darn well please and you should leave them alone!”

At which point Nat whispers something in his ear, and he goes “Oh. Oh! Well, they have the right to do that TOO!”

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